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Common Ground Oak Park

Common Ground Oak Park is the platform for long form discussions of issues in Oak Park, IL.  Each episode aims to explore topics and people in the community at a more in depth level than can be provided anywhere else.  Host Dan Moroney seeks to find truth and common ground through interviews with the people that make Oak Park special.  Common Ground Oak Park aims to honestly discuss topics in a way that accepts that people of goodwill can have differing opinions.  Through the free and honest exchange of ideas, pathways forward can be identified that will lead to a better Oak Park. More information can be found at  Videos can be viewed at the Common Ground Oak Park Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.  

Sep 3, 2020

In this episode of Common Ground Oak Park, guest host Matt Baron welcomes Charlie Meyerson, founder of Chicago Public Square, a free daily email news roundup. In their wide-ranging conversation, Charlie shares from his 40-plus years in Chicago news working for the likes of WGN, WXRT, WNUA and the Chicago Tribune, among other media outlets.